Elaine Healy

Elaine Healy is a Pittsburgh-based luxury designer focused on the intersection of personal style and the avant garde. Focusing on a ‘man versus machine’ aesthetic, her collections embody a merging of technological processes and hand-rendered techniques. Elaine has presented collections at Vancouver Fashion Week & the Carnegie Museum of Art, and will present her SS19 collection in Pittsburgh this September. She is currently open for collaborations, investors and partnerships.

Inspirations include: texture & modification of raw materials, the human body & organic forms, technology & mapping, repetition & sound. Through developing her SS19 collection, she continues to push boundaries through experimentation with technical textiles and surface manipulations
Beyond the Veil - SS19


The Spring Summer collaborative collection by Elaine Healy with avant-garde jewelry designer KING RELD utilizes shadow work and self-discovery to comment on body image and the social constraints that influence it. The duo explores hidden and "ugly" parts of ourselves, hoping to illuminate flaws in a way that is accepting and safe.

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