What is Nineteenth Amendment?
Nineteenth Amendment is a platform for democratizing fashion. We let designers pre-sell garments directly to shoppers with a network of manufacturers to help them make it on-demand. After a product is sold, designers put garments into manufacturing, giving them a risk free way to launch a brand and giving shoppers access to hard to find products.
How do I purchase a garment on Nineteenth Amendment?
Garments are available for purchase during 19-day pre-sales. During the pre-sales, you are getting access to product before anyone else as a direct-to-consumer price. After a pre-sale, it is up to the designer whether the garment will be made available in inventory, via pre-order, or no longer available at all. If you fall in love with an item not currently on sale, you can request a relaunch for that item and influence the designer's decision to re-release it.
What if the item I want is no longer in pre-sale?
  • Found something you love that’s not on pre-sale? You can request that the designer re-release the collection by clicking the REQUEST A RELAUNCH on items you love. This lets the designer know you are interested in buying the product. Be sure to follow the designers of the products you love to be notified when they release collections.

  • Can I return my item?
  • Yes! If you do not like your item, you can return it within two weeks of receiving the item to the designer at the return address listed for a full refund from the designer. The garment must be intact and must not have been worn.

  • Can anyone open a Nineteenth Amendment Showroom?
  • Any designer or brand can sign up for Nineteenth Amendment. All showrooms must be submitted and approved to launch. We require that our designers own the design and are able to produce a technical pack, production-ready pattern, and production-ready sample for each garment they upload. These technical specifications allow our partner manufacturers to produce any of the sales. Please note, we do not accept accessories designers at this time, but we are always open to collaborations!

  • What are the fees?
  • Nineteenth Amendment is free for shoppers and fashion-lovers to use. If you are a designer who wants to open a showroom, you must pay a subscription fee to have access to the Nineteenth Amendment platform. Each plan has a monthly subscription fee and a transaction cost per sale. To see plan information, click here. Please note, fees are subject to change. We are committed to keeping our fees as low as possible for our designers.

  • Does purchasing an item get you equity in the brand?
  • No. Purchasing an item is a sign of support and that you love the garment!

  • Who is Nineteenth Amendment?
  • Nineteenth Amendment is a group of awesome individuals, amazing advisors, and forward-thinking investors, and a large network of supporters. We are committed to helping talented people make beautiful products. For more information, check out our About page.

  • Where is manufacturing done?
  • Your garments are manufactured ethically in vetted facilities across the United States. Each facility is pre-vetted by the Nineteenth Amendment team for quality, integrity, and skill before we work with them. Know a great facility that you would like to use? Send us their information.

  • How do I know when I will get my item?
  • You can see the expected delivery date for every item on its product page under the item description. On average, it takes designers about 6 weeks to produce and ship an item from the end of a pre-sale. When you place your order, you will also see the expected delivery date on the checkout page and in your order confirmation email. In addition, you will receive update emails as your garment goes into production and once your item has shipped. If in doubt, feel free to contact the designer

  • How do I become a Nineteenth Amendment designer?
  • To become a Nineteenth Amendment designer, learn more about our platform and become a designer here.

  • How do I discover new designers?
  • Easy! You can discover designers on the Showrooms page or by exploring the Shop page. Also, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter for our weekly designer pre-sales and features!

  • Is there a place I can download the Nineteenth Amendment logo?
  • Yes. Check out our media kit. Yay link backs! We appreciate knowing when you use it though, so please drop us a line.

  • If I have more questions, who should I talk to?
  • Contact for questions. We will do our best to reply within 48 hours. Or say hi and chat with us in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

  • How do I report misuse of the site?
  • Contact to report misuse of the site.


    How does this work?
  • Once you select the Nineteenth Amendment plan that works for your business, you will be able to start uploading your collection and garment style information. You can learn more about the levels here.

    Start by creating your brand, starting your first collection, and uploading tech packs for every unique garment within your line on your Brand Admin. Once complete, you can request quotes and price the garments with our network of US partner manufacturers. When priced and ready to go, you submit your collection for review. If everything looks good, you are then free to launch your line live for pre-sale.

    A line is for sale in pre-sale for 19 days during which time the designer promotes the collection. Shoppers browse the site for exclusive fashion and support designers by purchasing garments before they’re produced or following designers to stay in-the-know for their next collection launch. Any sales are aggregated to go into production. Our platform creates the Purchase Order (PO) for you to put into manufacturing. Once the pre-sale period ends, you will be responsible for picking your manufacturer, assigning the PO, and putting purchased garments into production with the partner US manufacturer of your choosing, delivering a made-to-order, USA-made piece directly to shoppers’ doors 6 weeks from the end of the pre-sale.

    If you are on the Collection Plan, you can see up to the minute marketing and sales data on each live line on your Sales Dashboard. The goal is for designers to take those learnings and start working on the next collections to launch on the site!

    To get started, go to our Become a Designer page.

  • Can I do wholesale production with Nineteenth Amendment?
  • Any designer with a Collection Plan and higher can use the Nineteenth Amendment platform to create their own purchase orders for wholesale production.

  • Who is eligible to open a Showroom?
  • Any fashion designer who knows how to create a technical pack, production-ready patterns, and production-ready sample is eligible to open a Showroom. If you do not yet have production-ready samples or patterns, you can use the platform to have patterns and samples made. Just contact us for assistance.

  • Can international designers join Nineteenth Amendment and open Showroom?
  • Yes! International designers can join Nineteenth Amendment. You can review plans and explore the best options for international designers here.

  • Do I need a Stripe account to open a Showroom?
  • Yes. We use Stripe to process payments so you will be creating a Stripe Connected Account. For international designers, please make sure your geography is supported by Stripe. If you are in a country not currently supported by Stripe, we require that you have a PayPal account.

  • I have finished my line. How do I submit it?
  • Go to your LINES page and click the SUBMIT button next to your line image. If you don’t know what this means or still need help, email us! We are happy to assist.

  • What happens after I submit my line for approval?
  • After your line has been submitted, our team reviews your tech pack, image assets, descriptions and all other line information. We have up to 48 hour to complete this review once receiving your items. You will receive an email within 48 hours with an approval or notes on areas where there may be an issue. Please note, every line will undergo a thorough technical review and brand review to make sure your technical packs are ready for our manufacturing partners and that you comply with requirements.

  • What should I do when my pre-sale is launched?
  • Every designer should take an active part in promoting themselves and their Showroom. We publish tools and tips on our blog and send marketing and PR guides before launch to help you share your work. We also have additional services and providers open to our designers and brands. With a plan membership, we continue to offer exclusive press and design opportunities to help you make the most of our your collections and extend your reach!

  • How long does a Nineteenth Amendment pre-sale last?
  • A pre-sale lasts 19 days (about 2.5 weeks). This allows you to bundle sales. If you get additional interest at a later date, you can also re-release collections. We recommend doing this only to correspond with additional sales opportunities such as fashion shows, press, or expressed interest on the site.

  • What should I share on my Showroom?
  • Storytelling is important to us. Talk about where you and your inspiration came from. We suggest that you include: a brand and designer biography, an appropriate image of yourself, your logo, all links to relevant social media properties, any affiliations you may have to schools or programs, and inspiration videos and pictures for your line. If you have any additional ideas, feel free to contact us.

  • What does production date and estimated delivery date mean?
  • Production date is the date that purchased items begin the manufacturing process and go into production. The estimated delivery date is the date by which the item should be shipped to your customers.

  • Can I close my Showroom?
  • Yes. You can remove your Showroom only if no lines are currently live in pre-sale. Please consult our Billing Policy for other restrictions. If you’d like to close your Showroom, simply go to your ACCOUNT PLAN tab under your BRAND ACCOUNT and click CANCEL ACCOUNT at the bottom of the page.

  • Can I have multiple brands and Showrooms?
  • Yes. You can open multiple Showrooms as long as each brand has a different account. However, creating and maintaining a brand is hard work and we encourage our designers to focus on one Showroom to build their brand.

  • How do I know someone won’t steal my designs?
  • We do not allow copying of designs under any circumstances as per our Terms and Conditions. Copying is unfortunately rampant in the fashion industry, but Nineteenth Amendment will do its best to monitor obvious cases of design theft. If you see anything suspect, please report it to us at

  • Can I include other media in my Showroom?
  • We currently support video and picture uploads in the inspiration and video sections of your Showroom. If you have any other ideas, feel free to email us at

  • How long can a Showroom be open on Nineteenth Amendment?
  • As long as a Showroom has had one garment within a line that has gone on pre-sale, the showroom can remain open. Please note, Nineteenth Amendment does have the right to pull Showrooms if they do not comply with our Terms and Conditions.

  • Can I use copyrighted material on my Showroom?
  • Yes, as long as you own the copyright. For inspiration images, please be sure that the image is your own or "free use" and that you give credit to the source.

  • How are prices for garments determined?
  • The prices for garments are determined by the designer brand, often using quotes from our partner manufacturers.

  • How does the designer make money?
  • Designers who sell through the platform shall receive sales minus transaction cost for each garment sold. Read more on our Billing and Fees page.

  • Can I edit my Showroom?
  • Yes. You must be logged into your Designer Account. Click on your BRAND ACCOUNT in your Showroom to edit company info and click LINES to edit specific line and product information. If you have any questions about editing your Showroom, please contact us.

  • Can I communicate with shoppers?
  • Yes. You can respond to customer messages in your Messages Inbox. We like to call them Amenders :) You can always leave comments on your Showroom or other designers' virtual Showrooms. You can also directly message shoppers who have purchased your garments.

  • How do I become part of the Nineteenth Amendment newsletter?
  • We promote new designer and collection launches; however, if there is something special you would like to promote or a story you’d like to share, send us an email

  • How do I receive money from sales?
  • You must enter your payment information in your PAYMENTS section in order to receive payouts from sales. Nineteenth Amendment will send your payment via Stripe within 48 hours of your pre-sale ending if payment information is provided.

  • Do I get notified when my garment sells?
  • Yes. You will receive an email whenever one of your garments sells. You can also view sales on your Sales Dashboard.

  • Why would a Showroom be suspended?
  • A Showroom can be suspended for copyright infringement and inappropriate use of the site based on our Terms and Conditions.

  • Is suspension reversible?
  • Suspension is only reversible after careful review from our legal team and at the discretion of Nineteenth Amendment.

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