Bohn Jsell

Bohn Jsell is an American brand re-thinking destination wear. Inspired by the fluent creativity of couture,the well traveled and cultured woman of today.

The brand stays true to its vision of a global perspective and, passion for creating clothing for real women. Its indulgent feminine details and obsession with bold print and color embody the upbeat fashion forward aesthetic of the brand. At Bohn Jsell we implore you to approach dressing as a “collector of chic novelties.”

As visionaries of the progressive future we embrace the ideals of diversity and advocate for the visibility of all shades of beauty. We believe fashion is for everyone and we take it upon ourselves to creatively curate dialogue within our collections that embrace ideals of more representation.
Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

“Bon Voyage” celebrates the essence and style that is represented by the rhythmic shades of the Afro-Brazilian women of Salvador-Bahia, Brazil. Glamorized by the iconic Carmen Miranda we translate those cultural details into a ready-to-wear collection. 

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