We believe in stories over seasons.

We believe in the inspiration, skills and vision of all our designers and manufacturers and giving them a way to bring their work to market with authenticity and quality.

Our platform lets independent designers sell directly to you without traditional inventory and engage in a way not previously possible.

Get access to cutting-edge brands and find exclusive styles at below-retail prices by being one of the first to purchase.

The fashion industry was made for this: connecting the patronage of style-conscious shoppers with designers with talent and beautiful designs that aren’t ubiquitous.

As a Nineteenth Amendment shopper, you are participating in:
- Undiscovered fashion right off the runway
- Global design, locally made
- Total fashion transparency
- Fashion as an experience, not just an item
- The first true sustainable retail model
- Creating new jobs in the manufacturing and fashion industry

You are our brand ambassador for tomorrow’s next big designers, first.


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