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  • My Design Aesthetic is always geared for the multi-faceted, independent woman who likes to be different, bucks the trends yet is practical. The woman I design for has a lot going on in her life and I create garments that cater to her busy lifestyle. Even though I strive to take creative freedom like some are Japanese designers Junya Watanabe and Yojhi Yamamoto, I inspired by every day life- How to look stylish when you have to juggle 101 things at once? What happens when you leave a hair salon and it's raining unexpectedly? - Whatever the case may be, I pay attention and try to develop my products accordingly.

  • With over 35 years experience in sample and pattern making, Victor started sewing in high school and took up dressmaking to be around the young women. After seeing how it allowed him to express himself, he stuck with it. He's worked in fabric stores, sewing machine repair shops, dry cleaners, retail outlets, and tailor shops -anywhere that was fashion related! His inspiration comes from growing up in a household of 5 girls as the youngest son. As a teen, he would visit upscale department stores and examine the garments in the better sportswear and couture departments, then go home and try to duplicate the manufacturing techniques. This dedication to quality and technique transforms into modern classic silhouettes incorporating simplified urban lines with lux fabrics and detailing.

  • OMENKA which means "Art" is an African inspired brand with a subtle touch of western style in our designs. OMENKA comes with a desire to bring awareness to the beauty embedded in the combination of African designs and prints with western style to form a uniform attire to be worn by all.

  • Elegant, wearable designs inspired by life! Focused on ethical manufacturing and creative processes. Modern and trendy yet timeless pieces are what we strive to achieve.

  • A luxury brand of jaw-dropping statement pieces for the chic, fierce, sexy and edgy social butterfly.

  • A clothing line for women looking for fresh, modern apparel guaranteed to get a second look. Favoring whimsical prints and unexpected textures, Pariah designs offer an uncommon flair in women’s fashion.

  • Nobiyo Freshwear™, is a patent-pending undergarment that manages perspiration and odor in the areas you need it most (underarms, back and under breast).

  • Innovating the idea of fashion, our Spanish brand wants to bring art to the streets with new ideas of design. You could find us either in an art exhibition or a catwalk. Discover the exclusive.

  • ABEJOHNS is an emerging fashion brand based in Dublin, a lifestyle for young people who wants to look simple but comfortable with offers of simplicity designed to create a shape look. The label uses beautiful colour, good quality fabrics, culture influence, architectural structure and pattern display to recreate a statement pieces for an everyday look or an occasional outing. We incorporate new items to you and your wardrobe from the latest fashion style from ABEJOHNS. ABEJOHNS is a cool, elegant and simple piece to have in your wardrobe.

  • Women's RTW Luxury Brand.

  • Mariya Kelly is a sustainable fashion brand that produces designer women’s apparel. Best known for their vintage-inspired silhouettes combined with innovative natural textiles and the preservation of artisan techniques through block printing. Our mission is to create fashion products for the conscious consumer and aspiring minimalist that sets a new standard of luxury through sustainability, integrity and creativity.

  • Women's Contemporary separates and dresses, making classic pieces more expressive in California.

  • Futurist Elegance.

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