You know we all want to change the world…and we can. Technology has given us great insight into how things are made. With your dollar you chose how companies create. Is buying a $5 pair of pants, ripped off from a designer, made with questionable materials, and made by an underpaid sweatshop worker really a ‘deal’ in the grander scheme?

At Nineteenth Amendment, we believe that you have the choice to determine the future of fashion and how that fashion gets made. Every garment that you purchase is a vote. This is why we are called Nineteenth Amendment. As lovers of fashion we urge you, the shopper, to demand transparency from all retail companies, to make educated purchasing decisions, and to rally for better fashion.

Every garment that is purchased on Nineteenth Amendment is manufactured by one of our partner factories across the USA. We personally visit each of these facilities and hold them to highest standards of ethics and quality. Every purchase you make directly helps these manufacturers grow their operations, employ more workers, and build sustainable and ethical businesses on American soil. We do not hold inventory and only make what sells, making our model inherently sustainable. If you ask where your clothes come from, we can tell you.

On Fashion Revolution Day this Sunday, April 24th, in remembrance of the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse, we make our fashion declaration for Amenders everywhere.

We believe that all clothing is NOT created equal.

We believe that no man, woman, or child shall die or suffer for fashion.

We believe that shoppers have the right to know how their clothing is made.

We believe in design integrity and ownership – fashion should not be copied.

We believe that together we can change the world one well-made, well designed, garment at a time.

You are the Amender, a vehicle for change. Join the revolution.

You say you want a Revolution



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