On the July 4th, we celebrate the independents; the entrepreneurial designers, the patternmakers, seamstresses, cutters, the USA factories who rise to the challenge of re-shoring manufacturing everyday, and you the conscious consumer who refuses to be stifled in your self expression or kept in the dark about how and who makes your garments.

Independents' day reminds us that independent sustainable fashion relies on you – our community of makers, designers, and shoppers who believe that the fashion industry can be better.

  • Every garment purchased on Nineteenth Amendment is designed by an independent designer and ethically made by one of our partner factories across the USA.
  • Every purchase directly supports a designer’s vision and livelihood while helping US manufacturers grow their operations, employ more workers, and build sustainable and ethical businesses.
  • Every shopper is an Amender – an independent thinker (and dresser!) who wants to change the fashion status quo.

Like the American forefathers, we believe in the spirit of independents everywhere and that together we can create a more democratic and transparent fashion industry.

We believe that all clothing is NOT created equal.

We believe that no man, woman, or child shall die or suffer for fashion.

We believe that shoppers have the right to know how their clothing is made.

We believe in design integrity and ownership – fashion should not be copied.

We believe that together we can change the world one well-made, well designed, garment at a time.

You, our shoppers are Amenders –  a vehicle for change. Join the revolution. 

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