Fashion’s royalty gathered Monday, May 4, 2015 for Anna Wintour’s annual Metropolitan Gala, otherwise known as THE red carpet of fashion.  This year’s theme, “China Through The Looking Glass,” ushered in a larger conversation about the global language of fashion. Fashion is instant and universal form of communication and what we learned from this year’s Met gala is that the best designer fashion is found at the source with independent creatives around the world. Our vote for best dressed of the night goes to Rihanna dressed in Guo Pei. The beautifully embroidered couture gown took the Chinese designer’s team two years and over 50,000 hours to construct. When asked for comments, Rihanna has simply replied that she sourced the dress herself and found the winning look online after researching Chinese Couture online in preparation for the Gala. Pei quoted to Vanity Fair, “[t]he focus and the attention paid to this dress will make it remembered by the world—[what] I want is to make them remember… It is my responsibility to let the world know China’s tradition and past, and to give the splendor of China a new expression.” Guo Pei’s gown tells a story that travels beyond the red carpet.  This storytelling ability is something that we look for in our designers at Nineteenth Amendment.  After all, when you’re speaking in a universal language it’s imperative that your message has substance. 

I design stories. My designs and clothes are my words. I tell stories through every design and that is my real expression.” – Guo Pei

The story of how Rihanna found her Met Gala gown, and the story and integrity behind the design, make us wonder what other fashion moguls are on a quest to find authentic designer fashion.  We’ll be sending Rihanna an invite to so she can find her next red carpet look. Want to find your own Gala worthy gown? Sign up and you can source independent designs from around the world just like RiRi.

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