One of the first questions that we get is, “Why Nineteenth Amendment”?
Instead of using traditional e-commerce names with “shop,”  “runway,” or “fashion” in the title, we wanted our name to have deeper meaning – because we’re not a traditional e-commerce site. Our goal at Nineteenth Amendment is to give everyone a voice in fashion to participate in the democratization of a largely top-down industry. An “amendment” is a change to an existing structure that once worked but no longer does and the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution granted universal suffrage, giving everyone a voice in democracy. Together we are amending the way that the fashion industry operates:  how designers launch lines, how consumers purchase clothes, and  how we manufacture. We call our fashion conscious shoppers “Amenders” because you are the ones rewriting the future of fashion with each purchase. That’s the story behind Nineteenth Amendment. What do you think of our name?

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