Ladies, before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be here and leaving your outfit till the last-minute is not only stressful but options are scarce. This year, plan ahead and treat yourself to an ensemble made-to-order just for you! These dresses are sure to make an impression on you and with whomever you spend February 14th.

What to Wear for Valentines Day

  1. Kheops – Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress
    These ruffles will send you in the mood to sway the night away.
  2. Narces – Cora Dress
    A sweet and playful dress for girls’ night out.
  3. Zarankova – Affection Dress
    A dress whose prints are inspired by images of brain when feeling affectionate. Pretty fitting, if you ask us!
  4. Rosica Mrsik – Flared Red Dress
    A reserved, yet chic and structured look for the sophisticated lady.
  5. G.I.A.N. – Alouki Dress
    A little skin never hurt anybody!
  6. MAJ – Sandra Dress
    A LBD can do no wrong, just accessorize with a pop of color.
  7. Helen Castillo – Strapless Wrap Jumpsuit
    For the ladies who want a bit more freedom in their look and prefer pants to dresses.
  8. Isy B. – Queen of the Night Cocktail Dress
    To cover or not to cover your shoulders, that is the question (and entirely up to you!).
  9. Rosica Mrsik – Bell Dress
    A silhouette that flatters all and makes a statement in one.
  10. Zarankova – Coming Soon!
    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, as would this romper.


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