Having a serious case of wanderlust, you just can’t shake? Why not grab the bull by the horns and take that trip? Planning a vacation is the easy part, but packing, that’s the real challenge. We’ll show you how to dress for the journey based on your style preference. We’ve even thrown in a few tried-and-true travel tips. Now, let’s turn up the notch on your travel style.

For the Comfort Traveler

It can be a bit chilly on planes, so this number is our go-to for not only comfort, but warmth too. This Against All Odds Origami Pullover can be worn multiple ways, just like its namesake Japanese art form, when unzipped has a modern tented silhouette, when folded and zipped up this pullover transforms into a sporty jacket, with deep pockets and eye catching folds around the funnel collar. Paired with these moto-cross leggings, kicks, and backpack, you’ll unzip right into zen during your next excursion. Konnichiwa to jetting in style and comfort!

Travel in Style


Sweater | Pants | Sneakers | Backpack | Suitcase

For the Paparazzi Ready Fashionista

A true stylista is always ready for her closeup, and the airport is no exception. There’s no reason you can’t look great and feel relaxed at the same time. These REIN Cutout Trousers are the perfect combination between chic and comfort. Complemented with this flowy, front-wrap blouse, black sunnies, sleek pumps, and a glamorous bag, you’ll be making the airport your own runway.

Travel in Style

Blouse | Pants | Sunglasses | Bag | Shoes | Suitcase

For the Go with the Flow Gal

Our last look is for the laidback jetsetter between comfort and dressed-to-a-tee. This outfit will get you from point A to point B in ease. Our pick is this Aimee Kent Multi-Leather Trim Boyfriend Jacket. The open front cardigan will give you that pop of color and allow you to keep your ID and phone in its pockets. We let this outerwear piece be the focal point and keep it simple underneath with an all-black ensemble. Travel comrades will be left wishing they looked as fly as you.

Travel in Style

Sweater | Pants | Top | Bag | Boots | Duffle

Travel Tips

Check-in bags are not only a hassle, but can add to your travel fare and have a high probability of not making it to your destination. We’re all about the shortcuts and lost bag prevention. Here are our 5 tips on how you can get the most of your carry-on space:

  1. Roll your clothing so that it not only doesn’t wrinkle, you’ll also be able to fit more into your bag.
  2. Place your heavier items on the bottom of your roller bag so that it doesn’t get top heavy and topple over.
  3. No steamer? Bring delicates on a hanger into the bathroom with you while you shower and use the steam to get those roll wrinkles out.
  4. Want to pack more? Try space saver bags!
  5. Line your bags. Unpredictable weather can leave your bag and clothes soaking wet. Be prepared and line your bags with trash bags to prevent water from seeping in and throw in a dryer sheet to keep clothes fresh throughout your trip.

Bon Voyage, Amenders!

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