Fashion is a universal language – like smiles or hand gestures, it is a clear reflection of one’s personality. Technology has given people a voice in fashion more so than in any other industry, and its effects are apparent, from consumers taking selfies on the street with their latest purchases to big name designers preparing for IPO.  We stand in a pivotal moment in history: enabling technologies such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have caused transparency and authenticity to become key parts of brand strategy.  No matter whether designers are trying to sell a cutting-edge wearable or a back-to-basics couture piece, the core mission and vision of the brand have become crucial factors in consumers’ decisions to purchase these items.

Technology has facilitated easier participation for consumers, but we believe that the fashion industry would benefit from a platform that serves designers’ wants as well.  We need an all encompassing platform: one that gives designers an easy way to share their brand vision, consumers a way to critique and support directly with sales, and retailers a way to listen to what consumers really want.  At Nineteenth Amendment, our mission is to give everyone a voice in fashion in the most constructive way possible.  We believe that the future of fashion and consumerism lies in this collaborative and interactive e-commerce experience. Slow fashion and the maker movement have re-prioritized the importance of making consumers aware of the artisans and the stories behind the products that we use daily.  We see the success of developing this designer-consumer relationship in companies like Etsy, KickStarter, The Grommet, and other artisan-based brands that have sprung up over the last two years that are working towards becoming e-commerce giants of the future.

By giving artisans the tools they need to operate, the next big brands will be born. In the way open source coding exponentially increased tech innovation, transparency and collaborative consumption will bring more trends, diversity, and innovation to the fashion marketplace.

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