What does a startup CEO and the CEO of a multi-billion dollar retail empire have in common? A love of oysters and the goal of making the fashion industry a better place for everyone.  In this exclusive interview, Terry Lundgren, Chairman and CEO of Macy’s Inc. discusses with Amanda Curtis, CoFounder and CEO of Nineteenth Amendment the unprecedented partnership between a fashion tech startup and the retail leader and what it means for independent fashion designers, shoppers, New York, and US manufacturing.

What about the Nineteenth Amendment business model excites you?

Why is Nineteenth Amendment the first startup to work with Macy’s?

What has changed in the most in the fashion space?

Where do you think things are heading?

What do you think it takes for a designer to make it in the digital age?

Do you like oysters?

Watch the full video interview here.

Check out the Macy’s x Nineteenth Amendment partnership.

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