Your Part in the Fashion Revolution

In a world that has become more connected than ever, fashion - while one of the most global industries - is still one of the least transparent. In 2013, 1,138 garment workers perished in Bangladesh in the Rana Plaza factory collapse igniting millions of people around the world to demand transparency in the fashion supply chain by asking #whomademyclothes. In the aftermath of Rana Plaza, consumer demand for transparency and ethical practices in manufacturing has continued to grow.

Since 2012, transparency has been central to the Nineteenth Amendment’s business model as an integral part of our mission to make positive change in the fashion industry.

In 2020, in the midst of pandemics, politics, and more, we believe now more than ever that authenticity, ethical and sustainable manufacturing, and total transparency are not just nice-to-haves but requirements for fashion brands. That’s why we created a platform to feature the best brands producing locally and ethically on-demand in the USA. With pre-order models, all of these brands make only what sells - only what you love.

From the start, we made sure that transparency and responsibility is at the heart of each step of the making and buying process on 

For shoppers, Nineteenth Amendment is about giving  everyone a voice in the future of fashion and in having a voice you should have all the information necessary to make an educated decision to purchase. When you purchase a product from any of our designer brands you’ll get real time updates from the production floor about where your product is being made, where it is in the making process, and who is making your product. 

While providing the resources for brands to do better through the launch of N.A.bld is a major milestone, the real progress can only happen with buy-in from all parts of the fashion ecosystem and, most importantly, from you the shopper. This Fashion Revolution Week, we urge you to ask all brands, from those on Nineteenth Amendment and beyond, “Who made my clothes?”

Start supporting the brands already operating transparently and sustainably.



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