Saturday night we joined Rosina Mae at the Highline Ballroom for the Oxford Fashion Studio Concept Show. As designer Rose Turner’s first New York Fashion Week, she did it in style with the support of her friends (who also happen to be models….:) ). Watch the full runway show via Periscope below.


Covered in wood paneling and surrounded with gothic details, the venue was fitting for the organizers Oxford roots.


At the end of the show, Rose’s two model bestie’s did a coordinating step together for the final turn and the three came out together at the end – hugging and smiling.

Rosina~Mae at the Highline Ballroom

Designer Rose Turner, middle-left, with Gemma Sole, cofounder of Nineteenth Amendment middle-right, and model besties.


Of the new Monochrome collection, we were split between the single dress in the collection (worn by the designer) and the star emblazoned bottom on one swimsuit.

Like what you saw?

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Rosina~Mae at the Highline Ballroom                                

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