This isn’t your typical shopping experience, and that’s a good thing. Nineteenth Amendment’s marketplace - powered by N.A.bld - is different because our brands don’t hold inventory. Instead they sell their products on pre-order and then manufacturing on-demand in the USA only what sells.

Why pre-order?

Imagine shopping from Coco before she was Chanel.

That’s the level of intimacy you get with designers through Nineteenth Amendment. You’re one of the first to see and shop their designs straight from their studio! Not only is this shopping experience more exclusive, it’s more sustainable. Fashion is the second most polluting industry and when brands use Nineteenth Amendment to manufacture on demand what sells they create  less waste, burn less fuel, and reduce deadstock all things that greatly impact the environment. What’s more is that the pre-sale business model allows for you to directly support talented, emerging designers!

What’s in it for me?

With our exclusive pre-sales, you get first access to designs you can’t get anywhere else at a discount for being one of the first patrons of these amazing designers. On Nineteenth Amendment you get a discount of 10-60% off of traditional retail prices for these USA made designer products, all because you are investing in the up-and-coming brands and are helping create a more sustainable fashion future.

Welcome to the future of fashion.

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