Nineteenth + Seventh is a monthly feature bringing cutting-edge fashions from our global designers to your favorite tastemakers. Our goal? To help you tell their stories through our designers’ clothing. We believe that fashion is at its best when many voices–from independent designers to bloggers, stylists, and connoisseurs–make themselves heard. Interested in participating? Let us know.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do?

I am a New York City-based fashion and beauty Vlogger, originally from Puerto Rico now living in the big apple. I started my Youtube Channel as a hobby and now I cannot keep away from it. I create quality entertainment and content around beauty, fashion, and lifestyle with a twist of my own personality and flare.

Nineteenth + Seventh: Miss YanYi YouTube Personality

When did you develop a love of fashion?

I really think it started when I was two years old. I don’t really remember – I mean who remembers anything from when they were two, right? But I saw this picture of myself when I was two wearing red sunglasses, a red purse, and a pink dress with ballerina shoes so I think it was always in me. But, because my family grew up very poor, I didn’t get a chance to explore my style until I got into highschool and got a job where I could afford my own clothes and accessories.

Nineteenth + Seventh: Miss YanYi YouTube Personality

What excites you about Nineteenth Amendment?

The fact that Nineteenth Amendment is always collaborating with amazing new designers from all over the world and bringing new styles to life.

Nineteenth + Seventh: Miss YanYi YouTube Personality

What spoke to you about the garment you chose to wear?

The originality and versatility of the piece. Zarankova’s Euphoria dress is unique and so versatile that it allows you to be you in someone else’s design.

About Zarankova, Games of the Human Mind Collection

Zarankova line was founded by the Bulgarian native Vessela Zarankova. High quality materials and unique glamorous styling are typical for the brand, because the designer seeks elegant exclusive looks, but comfortable at the same time. The pure modern luxury developed all the way down from the initial concept to execution lets the materials’ similarities and differences play off of one another, ensuring that uniqueness will always be appreciated.


Nineteenth + Seventh: Miss YanYi YouTube Personality

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