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Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do?

My name is Koby Hass. I’m from New York and I am a composer, songwriter, and producer – well, that’s whats going on in my current day-to-day agenda. I’ve been a studio freak for the last 10 years, so thats where you will find me 24/7. I love making songs, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t make music.

Nineteenth + Seventh: Koby Hass Music Producer

Looks like these pictures are in the studio. What do you do when you’re there? What’s your favorite part?

Everyday in the studio is different. Sometimes I write from scratch either by myself or with a co-writer. Other times I’m working directly with an artist, or there just to get coffee….

My favorite part is when I get this feeling in my body when everything is lined up right, where the drums and vocals and instruments are all moving as one, and I’m just there for the ride.

Nineteenth + Seventh: Koby Hass Music Producer

How would you describe your style?

I tend to wear only black, but as a kid I loved weird funky clothing – tye-dye, half jeans half corduroy. I dug through the thrift shops in the East Village, buying my favorite bands t-shirts every weekend. I’m down for any type of style, it just has to feel right. I’m a feeling guy, just like my approach to making records. If it rubs me the wrong way, then it’s not meant to be…kinda like when I’m shopping for a new pair of Nike Dunks. It’s usually an instant attraction.

Nineteenth + Seventh: Koby Hass Music Producer

Why did you choose to wear that Artur Vilela sweater?

I chose to wear the Artur Vilela, because it gave me this throwback feeling when I was kid and would wear the most ridiculous outfits, like velvet slippers from Italy with a dope Sex Pistols T-shirt and some headphones while sleeping in spanish class in highschool (haha). I feel comfortable in designers’ art and want to wear their clothes to show others how hard people work. I’m all about supporting really cool cats with some game changing ideas.


Artur Vilela is the Brazilian-based designer behind Spaco Liquido. His latest line presents basic pieces with strong prints that bring power and energy to your day and send it to space! Join Artur on his trip into outer space with custom print sweaters by Spaco Liquido.


Nineteenth + Seventh: Koby Hass Music Producer

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