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You are super athletic, but we hear you have a big brain muscle too :)…

Coming from an athletic background, I have always been driven to find a balance between health and performance. As a graduate in the hard sciences from Columbia University (MA Exercise Physiology) and the University of California-San Diego (BS Physiology & Neuroscience), I combine my science-based education and intuition to transform the way my client’s move, look, and perform. I continue to study the Pilates method, and am grateful for the knowledge my teachers’ Chris RobinsonBrooke SilerCary Regan, Victoria Torrie-Capan, and Kathi Ross-Nash have shared with me.

Nineteenth + Seventh: Katie Yip Pilates Instructor

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion means feeling confident about yourself, drawing inspiration from people, places, and events, and creating something that is uniquely yours. The symbolism attached to certain garments might help you adopt characteristics associated with the image portrayed. For example, I feel that wearing fitness apparel compels me to be active with both myself and with my clients.

Nineteenth + Seventh: Katie Yip Pilates Instructor

When did you develop a love of fashion?

I developed a love of fashion when I moved to New York City. Creative and innovative style is ubiquitous in New York City; just seeing people wander the streets of Manhattan has inspired me to find my own sense of style. Particularly in the fitness niche, previously I was used to seeing people dressed in the conventional baggy sweat pants and t-shirts. The trainers I see in Manhattan are not rigid in style, but rather strike a balance between functionality and fashion.

Nineteenth + Seventh: Katie Yip Pilates Instructor

How would you describe your style and how do you incorporate it with what you do?

My style is just very easy, effortless, and functional. Because I move so much during the day, I need clothes that move with me and give me freedom of movement. I need clothes that are both flattering and that will move around with me.

Nineteenth + Seventh: Katie Yip Pilates Instructor

What excites you about Nineteenth Amendment?

I think it is wonderful that Nineteenth Amendment is on the lookout for up and coming independent designers and giving them the opportunity to showcase their work on an equally competitive avenue as large brand designers. And for those of us (myself especially), that are not fashion savvy, Nineteenth Amendment is helping us align new designers with our own personal style

Nineteenth + Seventh: Katie Yip Pilates Instructor

What spoke to you about the garment you chose to wear?

I like the simplicity of these Bambu pants, and that they look and feel so comfortable. When I am working out I need clothing that allows me to see and feel for my alignment, while also allowing me to constantly make subtle adjustments in my movements. I also like the fit – the way the garment fits and moves with your body is so important. From side splits, teasers, and twists, these pants fit and flow with my body, never getting in the way of my workout. And since I’m working with sweaty bodies 7 hours a day, the anti-bacterial fabric is a huge plus.


Based on the idea that active wear should not only look like gym clothes, this line offers an alternative to the world of ubiquitous tight-fitting, synthetic options. These are looks fit easily in any environment from lounging at home, to poolside retreat, and back to the gym! All garments can be worn in and out of the gym or yoga studio, and all are crafted from 95% natural bamboo fiber. Anti-ultraviolet, anti-bacterial, and breathable – all naturally.


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