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Nineteenth + Seventh: Amanda Curtis CEO of


How did you develop a love of fashion?

“My aunt was the Vice President of a bridal company in Boston. From the age of five I would stand in the store’s second floor windows on Newbury Street inspecting the dresses and modeling my own. I saw first hand how much joy a garment can bring to someone – even to tears. In fashion I found a means of self expression, more powerful than any other. Those early showroom moments imbued me with a respect for the power of fashion and a love of dress up that stays with me to this day.”

Nineteenth + Seventh: Amanda Curtis CEO of
How is Nineteenth Amendment similar to the bridal showroom?

“At Nineteenth Amendment, we bring that same amount of joy to our shoppers… everyday. We source the most talented independent designers from across the globe and bring their inspiration, collections, and stories directly to you. Every Nineteenth Amendment purchase is like going into that showroom – I want everyone to experience the joy and awe of well made, beautiful, unique clothing.”

Nineteenth + Seventh: Amanda Curtis CEO of

You’re not in bridal anymore…but what keeps you going?

“I love fashion. I love making clothing. I was born into this industry, it’s a part of my DNA. I want to make a better place for fashion. This is the mission of Nineteenth Amendment.”

Nineteenth + Seventh: Amanda Curtis CEO of

And what spoke to you about this piece?

“I chose this dress because it reminded her of something Anna Wintour might wear. I found the bold print paired with a well designed silhouette appealing as something I could take from the office, to the manufacturer, to meeting with investors while still being appropriate and fashionably adventurous”…and she did just that.

About Rosica Mrisk

Rosica Mrsik is an internationally established fashion designer based in Skopje, Macedonia and renowned for her contemporary, sophisticated, and exquisitely built garments.


Nineteenth + Seventh: Amanda Curtis CEO of

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