Today, we make retail history.

Our mission at Nineteenth Amendment is to make a better place for fashion and today we make a giant stride in that mission by announcing our collaboration with Macy’s Inc., one of the world’s largest and most iconic retailers.

Collaborating with Macy’s allows us to spread the stories of our designers and design experience behind fashion to millions of shoppers in an immersive experience. Nineteenth Amendment will continue to release amazing designer collections once a week where you, the shopper, can see, share, and shop them first.

Why are we collaborating with Macy’s you ask? We want to make real, positive, change in a historically insular industry. Innovative startups and industry giants must use their collective resources and work together to push forward innovation. At Nineteenth Amendment we bring a new business model, powered by our proprietary technology and a fresh take on fashion. Macy’s brings retail expertise and one of the largest distribution channels. Together, we will make the fashion ecosystem better with amazing independent designer talent and exclusive fashion.

Our co-learning with Macy’s began one year ago, during the New York Fashion Tech Lab. Macy’s chose to mentor Nineteenth Amendment and, over the next three months, we learned that Macy’s goal of providing the best and newest merchandise to their shoppers fell in line with our goal of helping independent designers from around the world launch and scale.

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See you at the start of something magical.

  • Amanda & Gemma

Co-Founders, Nineteenth Amendment

For Fashion. For Designers. For You.

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