As the lights dim on the runway at Lincoln Center we take a moment to reflect on the history, highlights, and the future of Fashion Week.

Not unlike our mission to make designer fashion more accessible, the route of New York fashion week also started in 1943 with a similar mission.  The first New York Fashion Week (which was first called “Press Week”) was designed to give buyers a showcase of American designers during WWII when it was impossible to travel to Paris.  For the first time ever American designers were given a chance at publicitiy and showcasing to an audience, a privielege that was until then exclusive to French fashion houses.  These new fashion perspectives were an immediate success and as a result the Fashion ecosystem became more diversified as new talent entered the market.  

This fashion week we witnessed cutting edge trends from designers from across the globe who flocked to New York with the same dreams of being discovered.  Just because fashion week is over, doesn’t mean that their opportunty has also taken a finale walk.  On you have the exclusive opportunity to discover these designers on a platform that fits for the digital age.

Make Every Week Fashion Week

A look from the Prophetik collection


Make Every Week Fashion Week

The Asher Levine SS15 Collection

Make Every Week Fashion Week

The Eliza collection from Australia

Make Every Week Fashion Week

A look from the Ange Lang collection

Our mission at Nineteenth Amendment is to, like the first NY Fashion Week, give designers who would otherwise go unnoticed, a 21st century platform to reach an audience that matters.  Make every week Fashion Week and discover the next great fashion talents, today.

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