Puerto Rico has beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, and amazing food, but Puerto Rico is blessed with an under utilized resource: garment manufacturing. More than 80 apparel manufacturers with 10,000 employees currently call the island home and create everything from socks and hosiery to ready-to-wear and custom apparel.* The majority of business on the island to date has been fueled by government contracts to make military uniforms, but there is a rich tradition of hand and bead work that is ready to be reinvigorated.

Made in the (tropical) USA Nineteenth Amendment expands Manufacturing Network to Puerto Rico

Meet the local producers! Photo via REFASHIOND

We’re excited to announce that Nineteenth Amendment is one of 38 companies selected from over 400 startups globally to participate in the Parallel18 program. Through this program, Nineteenth Amendment received a grant from the Puerto Rican government to establish fashion manufacturing on the island and produce a portion of the garments you purchase on NineteenthAmendment.com in Puerto Rico, further extending our base of American manufacturers. During the next five months, we will be working with the department of Science and Technology and local Puerto Rican businesses to begin cut-and-sew manufacturing on the island.

Made in the (tropical) USA Nineteenth Amendment expands Manufacturing Network to Puerto Rico

COO, Gemma, talking with local boutiques and REFASHIOND. Photo via REFASHIOND

Puerto Rico has great manufacturing facilities and it is also a shipping hub, which makes shipping within the US and abroad easy. We’ve already started piloting production and scoping out local design talent on the island. If you are interested in learning more or want to get involved, send us an email!

We look forward to growing sustainable, USA-made production in tropical Puerto Rico!

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