As current and future girlbosses know, making it in the city is a constant struggle. We’re habitually speaking for your entire sex and constantly hitting our heads on the ceiling. All the while kicking butt and taking names with a smile on our face and heels on our feet. Here are three staple looks that will get you from associate to C suite in no time.

#Girlboss Lookbook#Girlboss Lookbook

We took this Draped White Dress by Justine Hwang and paired it with Cut Out Trousers by Rein London, a black tailored suit jacket, black sunglasses, and black pointed heels for any board room meeting at the head of the table.

#Girlboss Lookbook#Girlboss Lookbook

In fashion, the uniform is all black, but we wanted to break it up a bit. We took this Bell Peplum Shirt by Rosica Mrsik and paired it with patterned culottes, a classic blazer, black front slit heels, and some dark rimmed glasses.

#Girlboss Lookbook#Girlboss Lookbook

When Wednesdays become Fridays, we have the perfect summer outfit for day to night. We paired the Alessa Top by Graciela Rivas with Cut Out Trousers by Rein London, black strapped satchel bag, slip on shoes, and a simplistic watch. Our go to for a work and play date.

Which one is your favorite? What would you wear to the office?

#Girlboss Lookbook

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