What do you stand for?
Stand for fashion.
For the equality and rights of the designers
who create your garment, the manufacturers
who execute it, and you who wear
your heart on your sleeve.
Everyday, what you wear is a choice.
It’s an open letter
an invitation
a canvas
a language.
Fashion speaks.
What do you say?
#ForFashion Manifesto


Huge thanks to the team working on this…many pairs of boots later,

Lucy Sole, Creative Director
Tiara Marèi, Director
Anton Domingo, Music

Featured Designers:
Rozi wears Agnes Hamerlik
Taylor wears Justine Hwang
Ryan wears NMBR09

Our models:

Taylor Abatiell
Anna Chitashvili
Viktoriia Golubkova
Sebastian Maria
Jill Menor
Ryan Miller
Oheni Morris
Ivy Ocampo
Alexis Pena
Kubra Sakin
Mel Senecal
Deanna Solis
Hampus Svard
Maria Tejada
Gabriel Trejo
Rozilinda Uhi

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