At Nineteenth Amendment, we believe in fashion designers and sustainable manufacturing. We want to make the decision of where to manufacture a no brainer for emerging designers.

The three factors we urge designers to consider when comparing manufacturing: cost, ethics and industry


Many designers and consumers believe that manufacturing outside of the US is less expensive…but is it?  After factoring in exchange rates, trade tarrifs, shipping, dedicated international brand reps, international percent error margin and political unrest (not to mention environmental offsets), the cost of international manufacturing can be just as high, if not higher than manufacturing domestically.


Consumers and designers want to be sure that the workers making their clothing are treated humanely.  Fashion designers at Nineteenth Amendment are given the reassurance that each one of their designs produced through our network of vetted micro manufacturers are made ethically, by workers who are fairly paid in safe facilities, here in the USA.


Did you know if every American spent an extra $3.33 on goods made in the USA, it would create almost 10,000 new jobs in this country.  By providing a steady stream of orders to US factories, we’re creating jobs and growing manufacturing from the ground up.

And this is just a fashion phenomenon. General Electric recently brought appliance production back stateside, and the company found that having engineers, designers, and factory workers in the same location could make the manufacturing process faster, leading to cost reduction. There’s something to be said about proximity in production.

With Nineteenth Amendment, fashion designers are given the start, support, and guidance to manufacture their designs ethically and proudly in the USA.

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