For a designer, having their creation grace the stage is the ultimate form of artistic flattery.  This spring Nineteenth Amendment designers were asked to dress the cast of Brooklyn-based LoftOpera for their spring performance of Otello. This non-traditional ensemble puts on classical operas in modern settings that draw over 3,000 people per production and are written about in Vogue, NY Times, and The Wall St Journal. In the past, LoftOpera has partnered with brands such as Philip Lim 3.1, ETRO, Co, and others to outfit their cast for productions and now they add Nineteenth Amendment designers to their repertoire. We were fortunate enough to see the show in Brooklyn and to capture some of the USA made, independent designer looks that graced their Brooklyn stage.

Fashion at the OperaFashion at the Opera

LoftOpera Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Allison Stock.

Fashion at the OperaFashion at the Opera

Design by Lobo Mau at Loft Opera. Photo by Allison Stock.

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Fashion at the OperaFashion at the Opera

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