Exercise Your Voice Vote for Fashion

Exercise Your Voice Vote for Fashion

Suffragette Source: http://huff.to/1phTwfO

Today is Midterm Election Day in the United States and, as voters head to the polls, we take a moment to reflect upon the history of the Nineteenth Amendment, our namesake, and explain the importance of raising your voice.

The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteed women the right to vote, giving everyone a voice in the democratic process. At Nineteenth Amendment we are giving you a way to participate in the democratization of the largely top-down fashion industry. We call our fashion conscious shoppers “Amenders” because you are the ones rewriting the future of fashion with every purchase. Together, with our shoppers and designers, we are amending the way that the fashion industry operates: how designers launch lines, how consumers purchase clothes, and how we manufacture. Nineteenth Amendment gives you a voice in deciding the future of fashion.

Everyone has the civic right to an opinion about politics or fashion. Cast your votes today at the polls and then vote for the future of fashion by purchasing emerging designs on NineteenthAmendment.com. #TurnoutforFashion

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