African American designers (at the point of writing this) make up a third of Nineteenth Amendment designers. At a time where only 1% of designers covered in are black and in this political climate*, it is important to recognize the immense talent that diversity brings. In December, the Museum at FIT – one of the free gems of NYC – installed “Black Fashion Designers,” an exhibit exploring the experience of several generations of African American designer from 1950s to present. 

This February, in honor of the final day of Black History Month, we visited the exhibit and captured some of our favorite pieces to share with you. Check out our gallery below for a few highlights! If you have time, we highly recommend visiting (open until May 16th)!

Posted by Nineteenth Amendment on Tuesday, February 28, 2017


If you haven’t gotten your fix of fashion, explore some of our brands with amazing African American designers Bohn Jsell Collections (John E. Bell and Kasha Reavis), Rosina~Mae (Rose Turner) and Jovan O’Connor.

Celebrating Black Designers at the Museum at FIT


*Information provided by The Museum at FIT

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