We’ve always been about democratizing fashion by voting with your wallet, but this year, it’s different.

With a name like Nineteenth Amendment™ and on the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, we have an obligation to remind our shoppers about the importance of exercising your civic responsibility to vote and letting your voice be heard. 

On August 18th, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the United States was passed. In the 100 years since then, more progress has been made - the McCarran-Walter Act (1952), the Civil Rights Act (1957) and the Voting Rights Act (1965) - to give Americans a voice in the democratic process. In celebration of all of the work of those who came before us, we tasked our designers with a challenge of creating t-shirts to raise awareness and inspire everyone to vote this year

There is still a lot of work to be done to make sure that all Americans have an equal opportunity to vote so help us share voter registration information below and remind everyone to exercise their right this November.  


Everyone has the civic right to an opinion about politics or fashion. Rock The Vote has amazing resources for learning how to register to vote and learning how Covid-19 is changing election rules this year. 


Find your new favorite election day shirt to wear while casting your 2020 vote! 

ITSO Amplify T Shirt 19th AmendmentRosina Mae Climate Action Now T Shirt 19th AmendmentVote T Shirt Nineteenth Amendment

Suffragette T Shirt by Amanda Curtis Diesgns


When we originally came up with the name in 2012, we selected the name Nineteenth Amendment because our mission is to give everyone a voice in fashion to participate in the democratization of a largely top-down industry. An “amendment” is a change to an existing structure that once worked but no longer does. Together, with you, our designers, and our USA-based manufacturing partners, we are amending the way that the fashion industry operates. 


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