Have you ever looked at a painting by a master artist? You saw the vision as you approached it from ten feet away, you appreciated the color palette as you came within a yard, and finally, up close and intimate with the piece, you noticed the technique in its construction and the beauty of the juxtaposition of materials.

Have you ever looked at a well-made, truly inspired piece of clothing? It’s identical.

The struggle is certainly same. Emerging designers, like other artists, find it hard to distribute and sell their pieces. They try to find boutiques maybe, in the same way artists look for independent galleries, to sell small quantities of products. Unlike for artists, however, the general public has an expectation that an original piece of art should cost significantly more than other household goods for its aesthetics, its meaning, or its status? Why shouldn’t we look to valuing clothing as art?

The process is similar as well. Both look for inspiration. They create a design identity that grows with them as artists. They collect materials and make judgments based on budget and skill set. Some designers work like Andy Warhol in the Factory – having a creative visionary with a team to execute – while others more like Johannes Vermeer – painstakingly layering finishing touched until the final piece is ready for a client commission.

An Original Work of Fashion

Vincent van Gogh’s “A Field of Yellow Flowers” inspired Helen Castillo’s Lace Gypsy Gown

Fashion can be art, but, over the years, the shoppers have been removed from experiences like the one described above. Consumers have not been exposed to great design nor educated on the fabrication and effort it takes to create a piece. Like someone without art education, in their lives they are truly missing out.

At Nineteenth Amendment, we want to educate shoppers to the design and manufacturing process and provide a level of access to great design previously unseen. We want to introduce the world to gifted designers globally and help them find the collectors who want to wear their piece of art every day.

If you love art, you probably already love the art of dressing. Visit NineteenthAmendment.com and you could own a piece by the next big fashion artist. And wear it every day.

For fashion. For art. For you.


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