It’s spring and we’re ready to get our two-wheelers. In recent years, bicycles have been re-invented with less emphasis on speed, and more emphasis on style. We can get onboard with that. We’ve paired three of our favorite startup direct-to-consumer bike brands with some biker-friendly and functional looks to turn heads (with helmets on of course!).

UPDATED for 2017:

We discovered an awesome new bike worthy of a local designer! Originating in Somerville, MA, Independent Fabrication Bikes (now based in NH) we matched one of their custom made bikes with this pair of Alleb Asor Rose Pants.  With a front curve and cropped fit, these pants were made for biking! Top it off with an Alta HR Coral FitBit, some clear frames, and you’re ready for the road to the office!

Above the Bars: Lookbook

2016 PICKS:

For all the single ladies you may know that summer is the time to have a fling. It is the best time of the year so why not have some fun! We paired this amazing draped white dress by Justine Hwang, booty shorts by Manfredonia, with a baby blue cross-body bag, pink booties, and cut-out sunglasses all while riding a bike made by tokyobike. So why not look like fashionista on your bike.

Above the Bars: Lookbook

Keep up with trends and technology in your fast-paced life while being comfortable and versatile. We paired this separating dress with pleats by Terry Jolo, black ripped shorts, black sleek Adidas sneakers, and a smart watch. And now the adventures begins riding this technology advanced scooter by FlyKly.

Above the Bars: Lookbook

Holler if you are heading to the Hamptons, lounging on the beach, hanging with friends, and going for a bike ride is the ideal in summer so why not look hot at the same time. We paired the pink pastel printed jumpsuit by e l i z a, an asymmetrical floppy hat, gold cross-over flip flops, and rose mirror sunglasses; all while riding Sole Bicycles beach cruiser. Making it perfect for the Hamptons and perfect for you!

Above the Bars: Lookbook

Summer has officially begun! Travel smart, make the smartest decision around the city all while being on trend!

Which one is your favorite? What outfit would you wear most during the summer?

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