Whether you’re going to be chilling on the beach, attending a backyard barbecue, or going all-out with fireworks, we’ve got you covered for this Fourth of July. Here are three outfits to suit each of these occasions.

Sparks Fly 

If, like us, you jump at any chance to dress up this is the outfit for you. We kept it festive by incorporating the red, white, and blue theme but in a less obvious way. The Zoe Top by Natalie Rae paired with these Proenza Schouler pants are the perfect base for the standout accessories.

 4th of July Lookbook

Top | Pants | Clutch | Shoes

All Fired Up 

Low neckline – check. Loose and airy – check. Sophisticated summer onesie – check. A jumpsuit with an elastic waistband is the obvious choice for a day of feasting on BBQ and this one by Helen Castillo ticks all the boxes. Add some details with a gold choker and striped espadrilles and finish it up with red lipstick to pop and you’re all set!

4th of July Lookbook

Jumpsuit | Necklace | Shoes | Lipstick

Hey Sailor 

Okay so we got a little carried away with this one but we love a good theme. We paired these conveniently festive pants by Meghan Hughes with a crop top to channel a 50s vibe during the day.  Then we added a sweater to keep you warm as it starts to cool down at night. And lastly, we wrapped it with a bow in these slip-ons by Michael Kors.

4th of July Lookbook 

Top | Pants | Sweater | Shoes




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